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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Three Messages Of Strong Families

One family subscribed to the notion that money really CAN buy happiness -- send the kids to summer camp! So they sent their son Joey away for the season. He was apparently as blissful about the arrangement as his parents, for after about three weeks, they finally received a postcard. Both parents huddled together to read it. After a moment, Joey's mother looked up and commented to her husband, "Well, it certainly is Joey."
The card read: "Dear Mom and Dad, they are making everyone write home. Love, Joey."
At times, families may need some space. They also need togetherness -- lots of it. And those of us who live in families realize that our family is far from perfect, even on the best of days. But perfection is not required for a strong family life.
What IS required, according to family expert Nick Stinnett (USA Today, 1-29-86) are three basics. "When you have a strong family life," he said, "you receive the message that you are loved, that you are cared for, that you are important. The positive intake of love and affection and you inner resources to deal with life more successfully."
Love, affection and respect -- a dynamic trio in any strong family. Where there is love there is a place of safety and security. Where there is affection there is a place of warmth. And where there is respect there is a place where the mind and spirit can flourish.
Not all of us live in family groups. But we probably came from families and there just may be a family in our future.
Dr. Joyce Brothers has dedicated her life to marriage and family issues. She observes, "When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses." That can be true in any family where you are loved, you are cared for and where you are made to feel important. Make this trio part of your family life and you truly will find happiness.
Moral stories can improve your moral values.
--Steve Goodier

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