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Friday, September 14, 2007


In our culture, male energy is more respected and understood than is female energy. Therefore, doing is more highly valued and cultivated than being. In fact, being is not seen as legitimate or important way to spend time. If we are not actively doing or accomplishing something, we feel we are “wasting time.” Because of this cultural bias, most of us push ourselves to do more than our natural energy would allow. We constantly deplete and exhaust ourselves, using caffeine and other stimulants to keep ourselves going. Even men and women who are good at being and spend more of their time that way often do not respect themselves or receive respect from others for their ability to be. We need to value being.
It is time to cultivate and appreciate the art of being. Being is a deeply fulfilling and satisfying experience that allows us to commune with our deeper spiritual selves, with nature, and with each other. Time spent in being replenishes and renews our energy, heals our bodies, minds, and spirits, fills us with inspiration, and makes life worth living.
Moral stories can improve your moral values.
--Shakti Gawain

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