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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

One can Acquire Everything in Solitude-Except Character!

One friend of mine is fond of telling me that every difficult experience I undergo is "character building." No matter what the situation is or how upset I am, she never indulges me with pity and soft words. Her favorite saying is "Out of the hottest fires come the strongest metals." Unfortunately, she's right. Our maturity, our personalities and our attitudes are only tested and formed when we are in the thick of life, being challenged and pushed to the limits by others. Setbacks and sadnesses are what give us the opportunity to develop wisdom, tolerance and maturity, as well as to see what we need to work on. The person who has never fought for what she believes in, or taken a stand on a difficult issue, is someone who
has not developed her character.
Solitude is important to our recovery because it is a renewing, healing time. But we must be careful not to take too much of it because it is only in the rough-and-tumble of life that we will acquire our passion and uniqueness. Make sure that today is balanced with appropriate amounts of reflection and action, and remember that too little or too much of either one can only leave us unbalanced, unhappy and unfulfilled.

AFFIRMATION FOR THE DAY: When I am spending too much time alone, I am missing
out on life.

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