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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our Healing Process Helps Our Family

If you're working on your own inner healing, you will function as an inspirational role model and will relieve the burden of everyone around you, especially your family members. Children, particularly, always pick up, energetically, their parents' problems, issues, or patterns and perpetuate them in their own lives. If the parent heals on the emotional level, he or she will pass that legacy on to the children, who will not have to deal with the same issues in their own lives.
This is true whether or not your children are grown. If you as a parent begin to deal with your own issues and learn to take better care of yourself, love yourself more, and do your own healing, even your grown children who live across the country or around the world will feel it on some level and will benefit from your process.

As I heal, my whole family is healing.

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